Blog about mental health, now somehow an HVAC expert

It’s really interesting the opportunities that life will hand to you sometimes.

This is something that I’ve come to appreciate with age.

You never know how one venture will transform into the next in ways that you couldn’t have predicted. This is exactly what has happened for me and my writing career as I’ve persistently tried to make a difference in the mental health community. For quite a while now, I’ve run a tiny mental health blog that has gained some popularity in the area. I’ve always been happy to share my anxiety and depression hacks with others, but I never would have expected to become an HVAC authority through these means. It all started when one of my readers inquired about my budgeting practices. I wrote an article about planning for household expenses, including your central heating and cooling system maintenance and emergency repairs. Apparently, this tiny HVAC tip was revolutionary news to a lot of my readers. They started writing and with more and more questions about central heating and cooling systems, air filters, and the best practices for energy efficiency. If I didn’t already have a respected answer about indoor air quality control management, I did some dedicated heating and cooling research or talked to a local HVAC technician. The next thing I knew, my blog had been overrun with indoor air quality articles. I started attracting a whole new audience to my blog, and gaining notoriety as a thrifty HVAC expert. These days, I only keep up with my mental health blog recreationally. My major source of income has become HVAC blogging for assorted air quality control specialists. You never know.


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