Blood lab has non working A/C

We moved to the sound and I had to find a new doctor.

I have hypothyroidism and I need to take thyroid pills every day.

Of course, my new doctor insisted I get a blood test before refilling my prescription. That is pretty standard so no problem. Only it was a problem. I went to the lab for my tests and immediately noticed that it was hot and smelly in there. The place was packed full of people too. At first I thought that might be why it smelled. I passed it off as body odor. Then I found out that the computers were down and that was why everything was so backed up. I decided to wait anyway. After all, I had skipped my medication and my breakfast for this purpose so I might as well get it over with. The longer I waited the hotter and smellier it got. I noticed that air was coming out of the vents but that it was hot air. I also realized that the smell was definitely coming from the air conditioner vents. It was not coming from a person. That is even more gross. Still, I tried to wait it out. After an hour the place was more packed and only 2 people had been called to the back. At that rate, it would be evening by the time I got called. I decided just to leave and find another lab. One with working air conditioning and a working computer would be nice. This might mean driving into the next county but it is worth it for a clean blood draw.


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