Body wellness class for overweight grandparents

My grandparents have always struggled with their weight.

Due to being overweight, they have also had quite a few health problems.

They suffer from high blood pressure, cholesterol and run a high risk of a heart attack. My grandmother has gotten both hips and knees replaced. My grandfather has gotten surgery on his back recently. The two of them continue to be unhealthy though. They eat fast food for breakfast and lunch. For dinner they go out to eat. My grandmother drinks pepsi like water. They also don’t exercise and never have before. I get it, at their age it is harder to work out. Also, they are not from a generation that went to gyms and stressed over their health. Times are changing though and I want them to be around longer. There is a personal fitness center in my area that offers body wellness programs. The fitness program is actually for senior citizens that need help working out. The personal trainer caters fitness routines to their ages and physical ailments. A whole group of seniors get together to do the class and hang out afterwards. As part of the class, the seniors need to go to nutritional counseling and get a health plan. They are told what they should be eating and doing outside of class in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I really want my grandparents to do this. I am willing to front the money for the cost of the training class and health plan. I don’t know if I can get them to do this though.

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