Both of us blew it?

About a month ago our oil furnace quit working.

Both of us tested out the control equipment knowing that if something happened to the control unit, the oil furnace would not work either.

When the control equipment started the air conditioner, we knew it wasn’t that. My partner tested to make sure we hadn’t had a power surge that tripped the breaker. If the breaker had been tripped, the oil furnace would not work. After that, he wondered if we didn’t have something seriously wrong with the oil furnace. Both of us had our servicing done only a month earlier plus they told us that everything looked good. Our oil furnace was only five years aged so we couldn’t understand how anything could be wrong with it. Both of us called the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus told them what was going on. My partner got off the phone plus told myself and others they would be there in about an minute. In the meantime, he was going to go check the fuses. The fuses? I was so confused because we no longer had fuses in our home. Both of us had switched over to breaker boxes when we bought the home twenty-five years earlier. I followed my partner wondering where in the world he was going to find a fuse in our house. He went over to the oil furnace plus he was looking at the electronic box on the oil furnace. He opened up a small compartment plus he pulled out a tiny fuse. Sure enough, the fuse was blown plus now we had to wait for the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech to bring the fuse that we needed to get our oil furnace working again.
a/c repairman