Both of us Couldn’t Decide What the Optimal Temperature Should Be

The other day, our wife plus I got into a heated fight; Now, I know what you may be thinking, it was entirely about something easily concerning plus serious, but i’ll admit, in the moment, it felt appreciate a dire fight, and however, looking back on it, I realize how deranged the people I was with and I were both being.

It all started when I changed the temperature on our control machine when I got apartment from work.

I lowered the temperature from 73 degrees to 69 degrees, because I thought it was hot. I also thought 73 degrees was unnecessary… My wife found out that I’d changed the temperature when she started complaining about how frigid it was inside. She wasn’t glad to see that I’d lowered the temperature by 4 whole degrees. This lead to an fight about what the optimal temperature of a apartment should be. I thought 73 degrees was too high, because our oil furnace would be running all day long. My wife thought anything lower than 69 degrees was useless, plus just wasting energy. In the midst of our fight, the two of us started searching the internet for the optimal temperature, determined to prove the other a single wrong. However, the first search that finished making up said that the optimal temperature was between 75 degrees plus 72 degrees. This was a big gap, however it all depended on the size of the apartment plus your Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Technically, the people I was with and I were both right, which made us laugh. Now, the people I was with and I realize how stupid the people I was with and I were both being.

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