Both of us needed a fan to add to the AC

Where we live, it is unrespected for the hot plus cold temperatures to go much above eighty-5 while in the summer.

Both of us do have an occasional month or multiple where it gets into the nineties plus this was a single of those weeks.

Up until now, our highest temperature had been eighty-5, however now we are in the middle of a heatwave. I was talking to a friend of mine who lives down south plus when I said we were having a heatwave, she began to laugh. Three mornings of ninety plus hot plus cold temperatures are not a heatwave, they are cool for her region. She could scoff all she wanted, but I was hating life. I laugh when she calls complaining about how terrible the weather is down there plus it is fifty degrees. At that time, I have hot plus cold temperatures that are sub-zero. I don’t complain about that but I will tease her about her heavy parka plus leggings. I have our air conditioning running, the ceiling fans are on high plus we put some stand-up fans in our kitchen. It didn’t matter what we did, the air conditioning didn’t seem enough. Both of us closed all of the doors in the rooms so the air conditioning stayed in the kitchen. Even the fan seemed to only enhance the humidity that was coming into the cabin whenever someone went in or out of the house. I’m only hoping that it isn’t a problem with the air conditioning unit. I just paid to put a current pump into our water well plus I suppose I can’t afford to have a current air conditioning device installed. Both of us inspected the air filters plus they seem fine, plus I am truly start to wonder.

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