Building a hydronic heating system for a spaceship

Building a hydronic heating system for a spaceship is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my HVAC career. My colleagues and I specialize in building HVAC units for unique and difficult situations. We received the blueprints for this special hydronic heating system late one evening when the HVAC shop was closing. Me and the other three HVAC technicians that made up the team gathered around the blueprint. We were bewildered by this HVAC unit because it looked nothing like a typical hydronic heating system that we had ever seen. The next morning we opened the shop and began working on the hydronic heating system for the space ship. The only things that were familiar to us about these heating systems were the air ducts and the air filters. We began building the parts and finding parts for the unit. Many of the parts for the furnace were actually air conditioner parts that were repurposed for the hydronic heating system. Because this heating unit was for a spaceship, it had to be specially made and designed like no other hydronic heating system ever before. Our team of HVAC technicians included a cooling expert, a heating contractor, a heating and cooling provider, and an HVAC furnace expert. Even with this team of furnace and air conditioner experts, we still struggled with building this space ship hydronic heating system. After several weeks of careful and observant work, we finally finished the heating system for the spaceship and helped install it into the ship. Installing the furnace took six hours with seven HVAC technicians working together.

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