But where is the HVAC technician?

Submarines can be the most fascinating way to travel.

I’m not so sure how well I would fare in one.

I’m not one who wants to be crowded into a tin can like sardines. I tend to get angry when I am stuck in a tight space with people all around me. I have seen many submarine movies and I have a close friend who spent several years on a nuclear-powered submarine. He once told me that it could be submerged for many years. They probably would stay submerged if they didn’t need to come up for food for the men. I asked him what they do for oxygen and air quality. He told me they have their generation systems that are able to clear the carbon dioxide from the air and create oxygen. I still wouldn’t want to be stuck under the water, hoping these systems continue to work. I would much rather be in my own home, where I can open a window if I want fresh air. I don’t need to rely on a machine to keep the oxygen circulating and getting rid of the carbon dioxide. It isn’t just the carbon dioxide, but the amount of humidity that builds. Think about all of the moisture that comes from your breath. I’m sure they have some kind of dehumidifier that goes with the heating and air conditioning. Maybe they don’t need heating and air conditioning with all of those people on there. I’ll stay in my own home where I don’t have to worry about people, lack of dehumidification, and carbon dioxide levels. My air quality may not be perfect, but it isn’t being ruined by anyone but myself.



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