Buying a stationary bike

Because of nasty weather, there’s very few opportunities for me to workout outdoors.

While I’ve tried to bundle up against chilly winds, rain, snow and sleet, going for a run rarely turns out to be a productive activity.

There’s also the danger of slipping, falling and suffering an injury. I’ve needed to figure out ways to stay motivated and keep in shape with indoor workouts. I spent a great deal of time researching different types of equipment. Ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and stair climbers all offer various benefits. They are all rather expensive, and I wanted to enjoy maximum value from my investment. About two years ago, I finally settled on a stationary bike. I liked the opportunity to burn a high level of calories without any impact on my feet, ankles and knees. I often have problems with sore joints and plantar fasciitis. The bike allows me to adjust resistance to get a strenuous workout. I’m able to choose from a wide variety of programs and target distance, time or calories. By pedaling faster, I can easily elevate my heart rate and work up a good sweat. I typically burn between four hundred to six hundred calories riding the stationary bike. I always feel a bit guilty when I choose the bike for my workout. It’s so enjoyable that I feel like I’m cheating. I can pedal and read on Ipad simultaneously. The bike includes a built-in fan that blows cool air on me and I play my music nice and loud. While I know it’s a worthwhile exercise, it seems like a treat.

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