Buying and repairing an old house

I know that most people nowadays go for a modern home when deciding to purchase a house for themselves or their family.

But I have never done things the way most people do.

As far as I am concerned there is no fun in that. I am naturally attracted to older homes. Older houses just have a certain charm to them that modern houses do not. When I saw this house I knew it would need a lot of love and care if it were ever going to be remade to its former glory. Out of all the problems it had, the HVAC unit must have been one of the worst. It was completely falling apart. The heater didn’t even work, and because this is a cold area, that was one of the first things I was determined to change. I got in contact with my local heating and cooling business that evening and discussed plans for what kind of heater would be best for the home. The heating and cooling employee recommended to me that I buy the latest model of electric heater, it is pricey but it is also spectacular. So after some looking into it, that was the one I went with. Working with the heater and A/C dealer was wonderful, they were very helpful and professional and the following day the heater I had purchased was installed by the HVAC technician. Now that the house has a brand new heater it will stay warm and cozy through even the coldest months, and it is one step closer to completion.

Cooling system