Buying new signs and graphics for the store front

My mom and dad were very impressed with my initiative and advertising materials

When I was young, my parents decided to open a small fruit stand on the side of the road. The fruit stand sold peaches, pears, nectarines, and tomatoes. After a few years, we added some baked goods, local honey, and a few arts and crafts. When I started High School, my parents decided to build a large structure to house the fruit stand. Business was incredibly busy every summer and spring, and my parents thought the business could be even bigger. They purchased a shed to place on our property, and the shed became a small grocery store. For 10 or 15 years, we constantly had people coming in and out of the driveway just to go to the store. My parents eventually had to purchase an even bigger place. That’s when they decided to start carrying perishable goods like milk, cheese, and meat. Now we have a very big business. We haven’t done any real advertising or promotions in a long time. I had some great ideas for the storefront advertising, and my mom and dad told me to roll with it. I created a brand new sign and logo for the store and sent that information to the printers. We had a brand new sign created for the store, and we also had several different graphic posters printed to hang in the windows. My mom and dad were very impressed with my initiative and advertising materials. The new signs and graphics are working great, and the bold, vibrant colors are attracting people from the street. One day, our family name will be synonymous with grocery stores, just like Krogers, Publix, and Winn-dixie.