Cabin with the heated flooring was a game changer

Every year my family goes on a ski vacation.

I convinced my family to spring more for the updated cabin with heated flooring rather than a traditional fireplace.

I had an ulterior motive for this. My brother and parents get up first thing in the morning and hit the slopes. They like having a cabin right nearby for easy access. I demanded a good heater because I am a little more slow moving. I also realized early on in my life that I hate skiing. So every year I try to get out of skiing or ski as little as possible. Having heated flooring in the cabin was a huge game changer. I would sleep in while everyone got on their ski gear and hit the slopes. I would then slowly get up, get breakfast and a hot chocolate. I would read on my ipad, sipping my drink and sit right on the radiant flooring. I took all the blankets off my bed and made a little nest. The blanket jumble was heated perfectly due to the heater system. I would sit there for hours before I would finally grab my skis and hit the slopes. Basically the whole time I would look longingly at the cabin and wait to leave. I think next year for the ski vacation I am going to pretend to forget my skis. I then could spend the whole trip enjoying the quality heating equipment and reading. I’d way rather watch people skiing from the comfort of the heated flooring than actually participate.

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