Calling an HVAC company to fix our company air conditioners

Did you know that some larger buildings have multiple central air conditioners to cool their building? Our building is relatively small, but we need 7 air conditioning units to help keep our building chilly in the summer.

We do everything that we can to prevent our air conditioners from failing during the year, including enrolling in quarterly inspections.

Every season, an HVAC worker visits our location and goes over every HVAC unit to make sure that things are in working order. If something needs to be replaced on our air conditioners, they hand us a quote telling how much they will charge us to fix it. Apparently, this summer, a few of our units had some issues. All of them had capacitors that needed to be changed, and a few had extra problems. Two of the air conditioners needed to have a blower motor changed, and one of those two air conditioners had a blockage in one of the vents. One of the air conditioners had a few more serious problems that needed immediate attention. In the end, this would mean that for a few days, one or more of our air conditioners would be out of order. The temperatures would be higher in the office, but I guess it is a sacrifice that we have to make. Air conditioners are easier to maintain than to repair, and we knew that we would be happy to have properly functioning air conditioners. Though the price was high, it would be cheaper to do this than to replace the air conditioners. We called the HVAC company and scheduled the upcoming repairs!

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