Calling for repair of heating unit in hotel room

I own and operate a small hotel in the northeastern part of the country.

I have spent a lot of money on my hotel, and it is one of the nicest in town.

While it is not all that big, it is definitely charming. The guests seem to appreciate our efforts to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible. We only have twelve rooms in total, so we are normally booked at full capacity most of the time. The hotel includes a bar that some of the locals like to hang out at. At the bar, we serve drinks and also offer a limited menu of food. Our pizza is known to be the best in the area! Last week, I got a call from a guest in one of the rooms. They told me that the Heating system had quit working and the room was feeling chilly. I asked the night manager to check out the heating unit in the room and report back. He called me and said that the heat unit would not start back up. He’d tried everything he could think of. So I called a local HVAC company. We have signed up for a maintenance plan with them. This plan includes 24/7 repairs services without overtime charges. They immediately sent a technician over to help out. I showed the technician to the room and he took the heating unit apart. It turns out that there was simply a broken fan belt causing the failure of the heating system. The HVAC technician had a new fan belt of the right side available on his service truck. It took him less than twenty minutes to install it. He put the heating unit back together and it started right up and worked just fine. It didn’t take long for the system to warm the room back up to a comfortable level.

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