Came Home To no air conditioning

My wife and I just love to go camping.

Last weekend we packed all of our gear and headed to our local state park.

It’s summer and once she and I arrived, we staked our tent and unloaded all our stuff. We had packed enough food for several days of camping plus a cooler full of ice and beverages. The trip went smooth and it seemed time flew by! Before we knew it, it was time to pack up the car and drive home. The drive was long because the roads were crowded. It was a hot and sticky trip and we were looking forward to relaxing inside a cool home. When she and I walked through the door, the heat hit us immediately. It was super hot and sticky inside. I headed right back outside because it was cooler. I wasn’t sure why the cooling system had stopped working! After I checked the thermostat, breaker and air filter, my wife got on the phone with an HVAC provider and scheduled repair. The house was so uncomfortable that we were thankful when they sent an HVAC professional right over. In just a few hours, the HVAC contractor managed to take apart our cooling system, clean the inner workings and get it running again. The issue with our cooling unit was a dirty coil that simply needed service. Both my wife and I were so relieved to learn that nothing was seriously wrong with our air conditioner, The HVAC contractor did not charge us all that much for such a minor service. From now on, we will make sure to call this same HVAC provider for all of our cooling maintenance. I plan to schedule service with them every spring to avoid this type of problem in the future. Now our house is perfectly cool and hopefully, it will stay that way.

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