Camping trip

Last weekend several of my friends decided they wanted to go on a camping trip.

At first I said no because I don’t really love to go camping. However, my friends said it would be a great time so I agreed. Later, I had to admit to my close friend that I didn’t have any camping gear. My friend said he had a spare tent and sleeping bag that he would loan me for the weekend. So we went to the campgrounds and I was surprised at how nice and well kept they were. There was a river and we all went tubing during the days. However, at night it was very cold. I didn’t think I was going to make it through that first night because I thought I was going to freeze to death. I told my friend and my horrible first night and he said he had a portable heating system in his tent if I wanted to come and join him. I was shocked that he had a heating system in his tent and quickly took him up on his offer. I was so warm from the heat coming out of the portable heating system. I know that if I ever go camping again, I am going to have to invest in my own portable heating system so I am nice and cozy all night long. I think I might every get a portable cooling system incase I ever want to go camping with my friends while it is warm outside. I think I have found a new love for camping!