Camping with an a/c is insane!

My brother and his friend Jim invited me to go camping with them for the weekend.

  • They got some campsites at 1 of the state parks and the fishing is entirely good at the lake.

The guys even rented a fishing boat for the entire weekend, so all of us could go out on the water to the middle of the lake. I took some time off from my tasks and I decided to join them for the weekend. I took my tent, sleeping bag, and lantern and met my brother and Jim at the state park. My brother was in a tent of his own, and Jim had a tent as well. I knew the weather was going to be hot and likely uncomfortable during the day, but I was entirely surprised by the a/c set up in Jim’s tent. Jim had a portable a/c in the corner of the tent and the large ducting tube was sticking out of the lower corner of the tent. It looked really ridiculous. I didn’t expect the crazy contraption to task very well, but I stepped inside of the tent and it was honestly 74°. It was 93 outside that morning and a honestly warm, humid, and sunny day. Still, inside Jim’s tent it was cool and crisp. Jim told me that he hates the heat and humidity, then he only enjoys camping with a portable a/c, electric and water. Jim does not entirely care for camping, but he makes an exception to go to the lake with my brother once every year. The people I was with and I spent all weekend fishing, drinking and laughing. It was a truly superb way to spend my Tuesday and Tuesday.



a/c set up