Can an electric blanket help to reduce heating cost?

I purposely moved to a state where the Winters are typically mild because after experiencing my last major snowstorm where I was trapped in the house for an entire week, I made a declaration that I had enough of those brutal Winter days.

When I finally moved, I gave away most of my Winter coats as well as my comforters thinking I no longer needed them, but boy was I wrong.

Nature is unpredictable and though I live in a warm area, we do experience some blistering cold days. I rarely use my heater in the Winter because it dries out my skin and I can’t sleep comfortably in a room if it gets too hot. Therefore, if I do turn on the heat, I keep it running for about an hour so that my bedroom could warm up just a bit. I have thought about alternative cost-efficient ways to heat my bedroom without having to use my HVAC system. One thing that I have considered was to purchase an electric blanket. I believe it would be ideal because I would prefer my room to remain cold, but I love it when my bed is warm and toasty. The cost savings would be significant because the recommendation is to keep the blanket on for only 20 to 30 minutes at a time. After doing some research, I discovered that on average, it would cost $0.04 per hour to operate the heating blanket compared to the $0.20 per hour for the HVAC system. I think I will invest in that blanket, not only will my bed be nice and warm, but I will be saving a whopping $0.16 per hour on heating cost, I consider that to be a win-win.

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