Can every one of us just fasten to the gas line that goes into the furnace?)

My husband & I were talking about putting a fireplace in the residing room.

It was a subject that had come up many times, however nothing ever happened.

When every one of us were going to see his brother 1 day, every one of us saw ‌he had installed a gas fireplace in their residing room. My husband asked how he could put the gas line into the house? He said that was a simple task, however had he had a gas furnace, he could’ve absolutely just fastened to the gas line that went into the furnace. My husband started thinking about this since every one of us had a gas furnace. He called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation & ask about the probability of fastening to the gas line that went into the furnace when every one of us put in our fireplace. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional wasn’t sure if it was a enjoyable idea, & he said he had never seen it done that way. He said it may be safer to run a direct gas line from a gas tank into the fireplace instead of fastening directly into the furnace. My husband is all about safety, & so was I. Both of us did not want to do anything that was going to cause a fire or an explosion in our home. Instead of installing a gas fireplace, every one of us opted to install an electric fireplace insert into a fake fireplace setting. It looks just as pretty even if it does not throw off a lot of heat, however it was the ambience that every one of us were going for & not the heat. Two weeks later, every one of us were standing in front of our electric fireplace listening to the fake logs crackle & enjoying the ambience.



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