Can you find me something cheaper?

They transferred me to someone who would take all my information.

Being a single mom, I had to cut corners wherever possible. Even when ordering a new furnace for the house, I had to consider the cost. I knew ‌a furnace was a necessity for my home, because I had to keep my kids warm and safe. I also had to be frugal enough to ‌stretch my funds and afford a new furnace. When the HVAC technician showed up to inspect my furnace, he told me ‌I needed a new furnace. I was devastated. There was no way I was going to ‌afford a new furnace. I asked him if he can find me something cheaper, like a new gently used furnace? He looked at me oddly and said yes; they had refurbished furnaces, but gently used is not something that he was aware of. If it was cost that I was concerned with, he knew that the HVAC company offered payment plans. All I had to do was call the office and ask them about their payment plans that they offered. As much as I hated doing it, I called the HVAC company. They transferred me to someone who would take all my information. By the time they were done, they offered me a 24 month payment plan that was the same as cash. All I had to do was have the HVAC technician tell them what kind of furnace I needed, and they would figure out a monthly payment schedule for me. I didn’t enjoy taking credit from someone, but paying a smaller amount every month was easier than putting up a large amount at one time.

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