Can’t do without my heating and cooling needs

When you work outside, it’s almost like you have two jobs.

On the one hand, you’re doing the job you’re getting paid for.

But the other job is just dealing with the elements throughout the year. Not so lucky for me, I live in a region where the winter is cold and the summer is hot. And I don’t have heating and cooling comfort on the job too often. So, I just deal with the temperatures and the weather to do what I love to do. I also love the minute that I hit the front door of my house and get to enjoy near perfect heating and cooling. My HVAC system is a big deal to me and that has everything to do with being outside nearly every single day. I paid a premium to get great, efficient and reliable HVAC equipment. And it’s worth every penny to me. I have help in making sure that when I’m home, I’m getting the best heating and cooling I can. That help comes from the smart thermostat. It adjusts to our patterns to precisely manage our HVAC unit. But it’s also programmed to provide my desired temperature range when I get home. So whether the gas furnace is pumping or the central air conditioning is flowing, I get the heating and cooling comfort just right. There is no more coming home to a cold or overheated house and having to adjust the thermostat before I get the heating and cooling comfort I desire. And that is something that I look forward to every single time I walk through the door into my perfectly HVAC maintained home.



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