Can’t get my hands on an air purifier

I wanted an air purifier before COVID hit.

I spent hours researching the best type of machines.

I get sick easily and wanted to prevent that. Allergy season is tough on me as well. I get tired of popping pills and calling it a day. So an air purifier seemed like a logical choice. Stationary air cleaners aren’t very good. They can only help a single room and they are very ugly. They constantly need a lot of work. I decided that I wanted an air purification plan that installed right into my HVAC return ducts. The problem is that it does require air filter changes and a yearly tune up just like the HVAC equipment. Running this machine is expensive overtime. I felt it was worth the expense. I had money set aside and planned my finances around it yearly. By the time I was ready to call and get my air purifier, COVID hit. All the HVAC dealers shut down and didn’t reopen for some time. When everything was up and running, a ton of homeowners wanted air cleaners because of the virus. My HVAC dealer was totally sold out. They didn’t even have humidifiers or UV lights anymore. It was really disappointing. I was waiting for them to restock and when that happened, the second strain hit. At this rate I don’t think COVID is going away and I don’t think I will ever get my hands on the air cleaner that I want. It has been a year since I last wished for that air cleaner.

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