Can’t imagine energy bill – never had furnace service

Sometimes I wonder if other people understand how illogical they are.

I have a feeling that the answer is no.

One of my friends, for instance, very confuses myself and others with the way that they go about life. They continually say that they don’t have enough money to survive, but they also don’t try to manage their financial situation! Whenever we are speaking about recent events, they tell myself and others that they have been going out, going on trips, and buying new clothing. At the same time, they told myself and others that they cannot afford the energy bill each week. Apparently they very struggle to cover the utilities for their apartment, especially as they relate to the heating, cooling, and air quality control method operations. Because we live in a tumultuous weather conditions, you need a centralized heating and cooling method to be comfortable. If you don’t have a high powered a/c and furnace on your side, you are not going to have a very nice time here, however unfortunately, they do not see the value in taking care of their heating, cooling, and air quality control system. My buddy is constantly complaining about the indoor air conditions but refusing to call a local indoor air conditions control specialist to improve the situation. Instead, they keep running ineffective and efficient air quality control systems and wondering why they don’t have money every week. They’re happy to spend my money on frivolous things, but don’t contribute a dime to the functionality of the a/c or furnace. Well, nice fortune with that Heating, Ventilation and A/C ignoring strategy… But I don’t want to hear about all of your complaints anymore.



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