Can't remember one thing

There are several hurdles that you must cross as a married couple.

Some of them are small, some of them cause immense troubles.

It is a journey that takes side roads at times too over the years. My parents have been married for over thirty years and I never imagined that they would have any reason to decide to call it quits. When they broke the news I couldn’t help however ask why they had come to this decision. They said that they still loved each other however could no longer live under the same roof. They decided that it would be best if they went their separate ways before it became a relationship that was bitter. The small habits that both of them had tried to overlook and put up with all these years were just not fair any longer. I was confused so our dad tried to deliver me an example. He said that our mom was the worst when it came to remembering things that were entirely important to him. He has always paid the bills and strived to save the family as much currency as possible. One of the ways he does this is by regulating the temperature in the home to save on energy bills. My mom, obviously, refused to comply with this and never remembered to turn the heat or air down when she left the home each day. They had argued about it for years and yet there was no change. I said that they should just get a programmable thermostat if that was the problem however Dad said that was only a single thing and the other items could not be overlooked any longer. I am sad about this and I am sure I will never entirely understand however I believe I want them cheerful too.


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