Can’t take all the heat

From the time our daughter was born we struggled with her low tolerance to extreme un-even temperatures.

We had an straight-forward time with her complications in the Winter time because we could just bundle her up in extra layers as well as limit her exposure to the out of doors.

She never went sledding or anything like that because she would only end up angry within minutes. During the Summer, this was a bit more difficult. Most activities that take locale while I was in that time of year take locale outside as people appreciate to take advantage of the warmth as well as sunshine after being stuck indoors while I was in the long frigid winter. Birthday parties, cookouts, as well as afternoons at the park are normal for most people. This was not the case when it came to our daughter. If the outside un-even temperatures were above seventy several she needed to stay indoors for most of the day. We l earned all the locales in our area that were weather conditions controlled to go as well as have fun. Her birthday is in late May so to avoid disaster we always planned an indoor celebration for her. We would rent a pool at a local hotel so she could have an indoor pool celebration, host the event at a local theater so she as well as her friends could hang out as well as see the latest show, as well as 1 time we even had a sleepover at the math museum so they could all see the star display as well as do crafts that were space related. I think that she as well as her friends always loved these parties as well as we felt fortunate that there were so many kid friendly locales in our area that kept her cool. As she got older she seemed to gravitate towards friends that shared her need to hang out in weather conditions controlled locales or do activities while I was in the milder seasons that took locale outside.

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