Can’t wait for the ductless mini split in my shed

I am updating my backyard shed to be a really nice workout locale for me! I ripped down the drywall to insulate & upgrade everything.

I got current windows installed & a better overhead light fixture… The last step is that I need some type of Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment.

A lot of people are telling myself and others to just get a window A/C unit. You can get just window a/c equipment or better equipment that does both heating & cooling. I don’t really know for certain if I care about the idea of hiding my current windows with bulky A/C equipment. There are other Heating, Ventilation & A/C machines that remain on the ground & vent outside. They look terrible & will take up floor space that I need to exercise. I have been leaning towards calling a professional Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment worker & getting a ductless mini split installed in the shed. It will cost a huge amount of money though. The equipment will be mounted high on my wall & out of the way. It won’t take up any extra space & looks really modern. Also, my ductless mini split could handle the shed with no real issues. I could have quality heating in the frosty season or heavy duty A/C in the hot season. There would be no day that I could not actually workout. However, I would pay a good amount of money to have climate control in a shed that I use each and every day. Is it definitely worth spending that kind of cash for heating & cooling? I wonder how long the mini split will last for me. If I keep it long enough then it would be entirely worth the investment.
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