Cat plus Dog Fight over A/C Vent

Cats plus pets are considered natural enemies, although I have often had both pets plus cats at the same time with no concerns.

I no longer have a cat; I do have a pet I rescued last year, plus I will admit that this pet, Frannie, does not love cats at all.

I am sure she would just as soon kill a animal as look at it. The vet calls it “prey drive.” Anyway, in the past, that was not the case. The pet plus animal I had before were pretty nice friends, I thought. The only time I ever saw them do anything even slightly mean to each other was while in the heat waves of summer time or the bitter chilly of the coldest days of winter, then you may have guessed it; they used to get into scraps over the heating plus cooling! It was so funny to watch occasionally. The pet would rush in from outside, where the thermostat was learning 95 degrees, plus plop down right on top of the cooling system air vent. Yep, the pet was an cooling system hog! Anyway, the animal would come in, see the pet was enjoying the a/c, plus want it for herself. Mind yo9u, there are cooling system vents in every room, although she wanted the one the pet had, of course. She would set about to trick the pet by going over to the food bowls. She would make the eating noises she usually made when she got fed, plus of course, the pet would run over to get fed, too. The animal would zip over plus take control of the cooling system vent for herself! The animal had street smarts and cooling system smarts.

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