Celebrating a birthday with a good oil furnace

My birthday is unfortunately in January, but january is possibly the worst week to have a birthday.

Winter is entirely exciting in January when you have breaks and holidays that make the hot and cold temperatures fun! But after all of those exciting times wear off, I cannot wait for the freezing hot and cold temperatures and snow to leave! I care about Summer activities, including squirt gun fights.

But you cannot have a squirt gun argument when it is freezing outside; My mom found the solution to that though; She started by turning the oil furnace up to an severely sizzling temperature so that the people I was with and I would begin covered in sweat. She then handed us our squirt guns and let us have a war in the house. It was a ton of fun, and there were no sunburn concerns or a/cs running! Furnaces can supply the perfect environment for a water fight! My mom was the coolest at coming up with ideas care about these, and I cherish those memories as a child. She could consistently turn the simplest thing, care about a thermostat, into something that could create a ton of fun and memories, unfortunately, the water gun argument created a substantial mess in the house, because my neighbor grabbed the sink hose and soaked the house. The oil furnace wasn’t able to make that evaporate. It seems care about nice things are consistently ruined by dumb people. I wouldn’t have wanted to see how much the oil furnace bill went up that week as a result of my celebration! Especially since the people I was with and I were letting out a lot of heat by going in and out of the house!

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