Central heat helps Grandma stay in her home

Now that Grandma is getting older, her memory is not what it used to be. She has been getting more and more forgetful but she doesn’t want to go into a home. She wants to remain independent as long as possible. We have a nurse who checks on her every day. Her kids also call at least once a day to make sure she is doing alright. We took her car keys but she doesn’t want to drive anymore anyway. We also turned off the stove and make sure she has plenty of food to heat up when she is not eating with one of us. However, she nearly started a fire the other night when she left the newspaper on top of the space heater. We feel it is dangerous to leave her with a space heater but it can get very cold at night. Thankfully, Uncle Robert stepped up and had a central furnace installed in Grandma’s home. The central furnace is a lot safer because it can’t really start a fire. Leaving items on the vents is not very dangerous. Uncle Robert also had a smart thermostat installed so that all of Grandma’s kids can have access to it remotely. Then, if someone calls and Grandma is hot or cold, they can adjust the temperature in the house from wherever they happen to be at the time. We can also see what temperature the house is by just looking at our smart phone app so we can make sure it is comfortable for Grandma. This should help her stay in her own home for a bit longer anyway.