Certification that involves working with our hands is all I really want

I obtained this bachelor’s degree some time ago, and boy did I make a lot of mistakes.

I didn’t ultimately want to work in this field, so I set myself up for a line of work that didn’t fulfill me in the least.

I have an unused school degree, low paying work, and no real job that makes me happy on the horizon. What a situation, huh? If only I wasn’t in such a hurry to get my education straightened out! I legitimately could have learned some things about myself and made a better decision if I just waited. Now, I suppose that I want to work with my hands. I do not like staring at a computer all day, and I would rather be handy, technical, and mechanically minded all day long if I can help it! Frankly, rather than getting some luxurious and extravagant four-year degree, I should’ve just jumped for a heating and cooling repair technical certification! I guess I could be easily thrilled by the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry! These days, the air temperature control field is extremely new, very high-tech – and quite lucrative. There is a lot more going on than just hauling pricey cooling systems around, and installing gas furnaces each winter. Since you’re not the only one doing manual labor with large HVAC ducts in commercial buildings, there’s a healthy mix of technical and muscle work involved! You’re constantly working with your hands, and coming up with fancy solutions for air quality trouble. If I ever do go back to school, it will be to obtain a heating and cooling certification!

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