Classic elegance style is prevalent in the home we purchase

When my husband Todd and I purchased our first home, we noticed that the decor throughout was similar looking.

The walls were painted either grey, navy or white.

All the furniture in the home had a similar style as well. The couch is large, grey and sleek looking. The kitchen cupboards are ornate and white. Once we put in an offer on the current home, our realtor informed us that an interior designer had worked with the previous owners. The home was outfitted in a classic elegance theme. That explained why everything was in similar and all worked seamlessly together. Todd and I had the option of buying the furniture and linens with the house during purchase. Since everything was designed for the specific house, I doubted it would work anywhere else. We went back and forth on whether or not we wanted everything. Todd and I weren’t sold on the classic elegance style, but we appreciated that all of the furniture was custom built for the house. The couch is the exact size to fit into the living room. The bed frame in the master bedroom sits perfectly in the available area. The end tables are perfectly placed next to it. Everything was designed and constructed to be the right size for the area. Every curtain and rug was created to suit a particular room. So while classic elegance is not a decor that Todd and I would have chosen, we kept most everything. We hope to gradually change certain pieces over to a more traditional style later. However, the custom furniture in the home will remain, because of the quality. We can easily upholster the couch, buy some new sheets for the bed and change some decorations.

Transitional masterpiece