Cleaning all the heating and A/C filters

Recently, I was hanging out with some of my friends and they got to talking about cleaning the filters on their heating and A/C units.

I was shocked to hear that they scrub their heating and A/C filters at least once a month. I had no system that needed to be changed that frequently! Come to meditate on it, I was unaware of when the last time I had cleaned my heating and A/C filters was. I nodded along with my friends, but I knew I had not been doing what I was supposed to do; then the next day, I took the time to scrub all my filters. I turned the heating and A/C units off and removed all the filters; sure enough, they were caked with dirt and dust. I took all of the filters outside and cleaned them off using the garden hose. Then, I laid them out until they were completely dry. It took about an hour in total. I updated all the filters and dusted off the surfaces of all of the heating and cooling vents. I even cleaned the baseboards! Once I realized how much I was slacking, I realized that it entirely was not enjoyable for me to be breathing in dirty and dusty air. I kind of freaked myself out… From now on, I am going to make it a priority to scrub my heating and cooling filters once a month at minimum. I even set a reminder on my cell phone.

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