Cleaning the ductwork at my home improved the air quality

There is something that I did recently that had a good impact on the quality of life in our home… Had I guessed about it sooner, I could have done it a long time ago, however what was it you may ask? It was getting the air duct of our central heating and cooling system cleaned! I never knew about getting the air duct cleaned before suppose it or not, but I knew it could be done, although I did not guess it was something that you should have done at least once a year minimum.

I was told to get our air duct cleaned by our ever so friendly and helpful heating and cooling specialist that I hired! They are independent heating as well as A/C business and do not work for a heat and cooling system company; my ever so friendly and helpful heating and air conditioner specialist mentioned about the air duct cleaning after I was having air quality troubles and our central heating as well as A/C component had broken down. It was because the air duct needed cleaning and made the thing work overtime, however so I took her suggestion and had her clean the air duct of our central heating and cooling system, and this genuinely improved things more than ever before! It was almost as if I had a brand new and modern central heat and cooling system component and a whole beach cabin media air cleaner all in 1! And this was all because of the air duct cleaning that she did. I will in future be getting our air duct cleaned twice a year if I can afford to.
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