Clearing the air with air purification

I never thought I would hate coming home to our own house.

But for the last several years, that’s exactly what’s been happening.

I come home from the office wanting to just slip inside the cooling system of our home plus be with our family. Instead, I’d take a deep breath outside prior to walking into our home because the whole home odored terrible. Instead of the that feeling of the perfectly HVAC controlled home, I get a wall of indoor air odor. And it just wouldn’t get any better. Our region is known for how much HVAC cooling every one of us get through the year. It starts in May plus goes til at least September. That’s a lot of cooling system so every one of us make sure the home is actually sealed slim to maximize the HVAC efficiency. That also means the HVAC simply recycles the air over plus over. And with it, the indoor air odors. Believe me, every one of us tried so several strange types of deodorizers with just about zero success. Sure, the air odor might be masked for a few thirds however it’s still there just lingering. Finally, I just threw up our hands plus called the HVAC corporation to see if they could help. And help they did. The people I was with and I now have a whole home whole-house air purifier that zaps the DNA of that bacteria which caused the odors. The air in our home is now the healthiest air you can find. But maybe more crucially, I can’t wait to get home plus odor the inside of our house.


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