Clearwater beach date night

My girlfriend turned 21 years old last weekend, and I wanted to take her away all weekend.

  • I was thinking about taking her to Tampa or Clearwater Beach.

I had a huge romantic weekend in mind, but she had some different ideas. She wanted to plan something with her friends, so I compromised. I paid for 3 large hotel suites, so everyone could go to Clearwater Beach together. My girlfriend invited six of her best friends, and we went to Clearwater Beach for the weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. The temperatures were in the 80s, but the humidity wasn’t bad. We spent most of our time at the beach. My girlfriend loves paddle boarding, so I bought her a new board. The water at the beach was too choppy for paddle boarding, so we decided to head over to the intercoastal waters. We found a calm area to take our paddle boards. We spent all afternoon on the water, before we headed back to change for dinner. My girlfriend and her friends enjoyed drinking together at five different, local bars, while I chauffeured everyone around and played designated driver. We even visited a local club with a DJ. My girlfriend and I were really surprised, when the guest DJ was a famous person. We only paid $10 to get into the club, and we saw a well known DJ perform. My girlfriend had a really good time, and I’m glad that we did what she wanted to do. I wanted her to have a good time for her birthday, and she did. Next year, maybe we can plan a weekend alone together.
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