Competitive cheerleading has strenuous physical demands – especially for the kids!

Running this gym for cheerleading can be a challenge sometimes.

I travel all over the country for competitions with my guys and girls, and I’ve taken some of our older teams overseas for major international competitions as well! Despite what so many other folks might say, there’s nothing easy or girly about cheerleading.

It is truly an incredibly strenuous sport! With most of the guys and girls being intensively trained athletes performing complicated skills, there’s no way you could say this is a “sport for dandies”. With the requirement to master intricate dance steps being a non-negotiable part of the team, these guys and girls must perform such routines in perfect harmony with each other to win! As the expectations of the sport itself have become more physically demanding, the guys and girls equally need tremendous stamina and healthy weight. While we concentrate on everything from flexibility to strength as well as balance and coordination, there’s always room to improve. Practicing dance routines includes stunts and tumbling, along with conventional free weights, resistance bands, jump ropes and weighted balls! I have trainers work with the team regularly, and provide one on one coaching as needed. I’ve found that there are huge benefits to personal training! With individual attention, the trainer can focus on weaknesses and ensure each athlete has the regiment they need to win.

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