Completely mad about freon ban

It amazes me how there are people who grasp on to some of the dumbest things plus simply won’t let go.

It feels as though frustration plus anger permeates our humanity in this day and age. Everyone is looking for somebody to blame for perceived slights plus various types of injustice. And, boy can those scapegoats get incredibly strange. The current debate about the global environment is a pretty good example. There are various factions who are on either extremes of the constant debate. And wow, do they ever cling to their particular positions. How interesting would it be for people to actually agree for once. There is far too much energy wasted by simply occupying serious positions. Then there is my father. He is extremely mad about the R 22 Freon ban which is right around the corner. He has an aged heat pump he has taken care of for some 20 years. And he is most particular that this heat pump will run until the end of his years. It really doesn’t seem to matter to him that he is paying a great deal of money on utilities. He instead is convinced there is some type of government conspiracy aimed at taking away his R 22 refrigerant. I’ve attempted to talk to him about what Freon does to our ozone layer. The people I was with and I even went online to read the studies about what hydrochlorofluorocarbons entirely do to wreck the only thing that keeps us from being burnt to a crisp by the sun. Father wants nothing to do with any of it still. I tried to frame the argument I was making in a different way. I asked him how he would actually feel about having his great grandchildren live underground because the ozone layer was completely gone. This caught his attention somewhat. He is still convinced that all the lefty people were out to get him. But perhaps upgrading the aged heat pump wasn’t an awful idea. It was for the kids after all.


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