Complications of the furnace

Last year, when I hired a local HVAC professional to maintenance our gas furnace, she noticed some problems with the duct system.  The ducttoil was at least twenty years old, and had never been given any attention. There were leaks at the seams and small holes throughout the pipes.  These flaws were allowing approximately thirty percent of our heated air to escape. Because of the energy loss, the furnace was forced to run for extended cycles, experiencing excessive wear and tear.  I was also paying a lot more in yearly energy costs, and yet the current home consistently felt cold. I’d already turned up the thermostat by several degrees and had noticed drafts in certain rooms. I assumed that the duct sealing process would be messy, time-consuming and super lavish.  I imagined the HVAC company locating and sealing each individual hole. Instead, a process called Aeroseal was completed in a couple of hours and effectively repaired the duct method without resulting in any destruction. The HVAC company first sealed off all of the supply and return registers, then blew pressurized air into the duct system.  The pressurized air contained adhesive particles, and as the air escaped through the several holes, the particles stuck to the edges. The particles gradually built up to create an air slim seal, without leaving behind any unpleasant smells or harmful residue. Once the process was complete, the HVAC company diagnosed the duct method to verify the results and printed out a report for our records.  I now system to have the duct professionally diagnosed every couple of years to protect against energy waste.