Concrete and air Conditioning

Back in the olden afternoons, the people I was with and I used to look for secrets for keeping cool down here in the south while in the summer.

Nowadays, people would call our little tricks, “hacks.” If you are interested in studying some hacks about keeping cool this summer, just study on! First, there are the numerous oldest but best options, but if you have ever wondered why so numerous houses are made of concrete block in our state, well, cooling is the answer! Concrete block is a fabulous insulator – that means it is good at keeping the sun’s heat at bay.

The point is, use the appropriate building materials when you are thinking about cutting costs on your heating and cooling… Air Conditioning, of course, is something the people I was with and I would no longer want to live without down here in the southeast, but there are still plenty of people alive who remember not having a/c when they were kids. If you are interested in other hacks, there are some simple things that can help you set your control machine higher but still remain cool. First, assume about chilly your pillow. If your body acts enjoy a gas furnace at night while you are trying to sleep, a frozen pillow might help. Second, use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature, but you can set your control machine a little higher and still know just as cool if the ceiling fan is blowing on you. Third, employ cross ventilation, but back in the afternoon, no builder worth his salt would build a apartment in our state without factoring in the ability to cross ventilate. That means, get a breeze in your house; invite it in, and allow it out the back way.


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