Considering going into the HVAC industry

This year has been truly eye-opening, frightening, plus inspirational for me… I have gone through all kinds of major life swings, including leaving an abusive plus toxic relationship.

In the wake of my newly found freedom, I have been intensively focused on rebuilding my life in a way that makes sense for me.

Instead of residing by obligation, I have been trying to figure out what my purpose on this planet happens to be. Earlier this year, it became incredibly clear that finding a wonderful task was not even a part of my new life path. I was applying for new positions left plus right, trying to find a job that absolutely gave me meaning plus excitement in my life! The result was receiving absolutely zero callbacks. That’s when I started looking into continuing my college education. I realized it was a wonderful time for me to get a professional certification plus change gears in my job. I was looking at human resources plus paralegal certificate programs for a while because I figured I needed to be absolutely working in an office. A few afternoons later, a coworker of mine asked if I had ever thought about being a professional Heating plus Cooling equipment worker. I told him, of course I had not. I barely knew anything about Heating plus Cooling equipment. I was able to operate our own temperature control to change the indoor air temperature, even though I didn’t even know exactly how to set the program or change out our air filter. He decided to continue talking about the charming aspects of the heating plus cooling equipment industry, anyways. He told me that as far as professional certifications went, becoming an HVAC equipment worker was one of the most profitable possibilities out there. I do not even know if I’m destined to be an HVAC Tech, but I’m looking into the Heating plus Cooling equipment certification.

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