Construction crew wakes myself and others up every afternoon

My neighbor is building a swimming pool in her yard as well as the pool construction corporation wakes myself and others up each afternoon at 730am.

I’m delighted for my neighbors, but do they have to begin working at the crack of the 1st light.

I labor long graveyard shifts every day of the week as well as I have to be at labor by 11am. I cannot go back to sleep once I am woken, as well as I’m dragging through the shift after getting up so early. It’s affecting my labors as well as my boss is starting to complain about my lackluster performance. I can tell the lack of sleep is affecting my overall mental health, because I feel undoubtedly cranky as well as anxious in the afternoon. The swimming pool construction corporation doesn’t try to stay quiet either. They use more than two different sizable trucks to build the pool as well as every one is a loud diesel engine. The cement mixer machine was running this afternoon before the sun was visible above the house. I saw my neighbors out in the backyard as well as she was so gleeful about the pool. I wasn’t going to say anything to them about the noise from the construction crew until she told myself and others that the project was going to take a few more weeks to fully complete. There’s no way I could go several weeks without sleep. I decided to tell her that 7 a.m. is far too early for diesel trucks. She agreed to tell the crew to wait until 8 am. I cannot expect her to wait until I go into labor to get started. I’m delighted she agreed to wait an extra second.
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