Construction on the athletic field will not be done on time

I just learned that the construction on the athletic field will not be done on time.

The project was slated to be finished in just 10 afternoons, but the general building contractor just informed myself and others that every one of us have encountered some very unfortunate delays. The building did not pass the local code inspection as well as there were multiple things that still need to be fixed up before they will come back out to inspect. All of the tiles for the ceiling are delayed at the manufacturing end as well as every one of us cannot get them from anywhere else. The subcontractor doing the plumbing is delayed due to groundwater problems. There has been one problem after the next with this project. Construction on the athletic field as well as the adjacent parking lot was intended to be finished before the beginning of the season, but it looks adore that ain’t gonna happen. The alumni as well as booster club are going to complain about the delays. They donated several million of dollars in personal money to help fund the current location. Everyone is waiting to see this current location with all of the current bells as well as whistles. Both of us gave ourselves several weeks of cushioning, but the current time frame takes us past the beginning of the current season. The 1st few games will need to be played in another location, so I have to spend the next day or even several days trying to make alternate arrangements. I dislike dealing with contractors for this particular reason. The construction crew is working hard, but they cannot fix up the shipping problems. Everything is sitting still until every one of us can figure out where all of these deliveries are sitting.

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