Consulting with an interior designer and custom furniture builder to create a closet

My wife is constantly buying more clothing, shoes, coats and purses. She has so much stuff that she was having trouble finding a place for everything. Before we could afford to do any remodeling, Nancy was forced to store all her stuff in boxes. After I got a raise at work, I decided a good gift would be to redo her closest. I hoped to get her possessions out of the boxes and make them more accessible. I hired an interior designer to help me design the space and determine how best to arrange her stuff. We needed to cut into the master bedroom wall for space. The interior designer brought in a custom furniture builder to outfit the closet. He built shelving units right into the walls. They take up no space but provide a whole bunch of opportunity to display Nancy’s things. The shelves work on a rotation system, very similar to a lazy Susan. The shelves turn to showcase all her different shoes. The purses are stored on hooks situated throughout the walk in closest. The interior designer even added a big ottomon for Nancy to sit on when she puts on her shoes. There is a full-length mirror where my wife can see how she looks. The closet belongs in a mansion. It is that luxurious. The custom furniture builder did a wonderful job at constructing the ideal size of shelf for each clothing and accessory items. The rotating shelves were a great idea. The interior designer did a fantastic task at making the room functional and also attractive. It is an asset to the house.


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