Controlling the radiant floors

My family is quite large and my siblings could fill an entire room!  I have 8 siblings and I’m the youngest of them all. There are only 3 of us left in the home with my parents right now. Everyone else is older and is either almost done with college or has their own family now. I want to move out soon, too, but I’ll probably take a half step and move in with my brothers before I get my own apartment. My 2 older siblings and I will absolutely be moving out in about a year or so. It will be easy to find something that we want because our parents flip homes, so we’ll be getting one of their purchases that they’ve fixed up a bit. That’s what most of my siblings have already done when they left the house. My parents have done this for a few years now and will buy a home for cheap, renovate it, and then earn a profit from the work and upgrades they added.  I think I want to do the same thing when I get older and a couple of my siblings already are in the business. My parents are already asking us what kind of features we want to have included in our communal house. I do know that one of their standby improvements on nearly every home is to increase the value of the home quite a bit by fixing or replacing the heating and cooling system. I’m entirely okay with this because I prefer to have a comfortable temperature throughout the year as well. Wouldn’t anyone? It would be fun to have something a little different like radiant floors, however, I’d be happy with any functional and reliable heating and cooling system. As long as the heating keeps us warm and the a/c keeps us cool there’s nothing to worry about.

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