Cooling at a clothing store entrance downtown

It was a very hot afternoon and I had gone downtown to run errands.

  • One of the errands was to look for a toy for my baby nephew.

He was about to turn four years old and he was ecstatic. He wanted a particular toy and I scouted the entire town looking for it, and why not? Am my favorite aunt anyway! The weather was not helping with all the walking and I was sweating uncontrollably. As I was walking past some clothing stores, I felt some cool air blow on me from one of the clothing stores. It felt so good that I actually stopped at the entrance to cool down from the cooling unit installed at the door. So as not to seem weird, I decided to enter the store and check their stock as I cooled off. The store had amazing cooling products that my body very much needed. The store was fitted with the latest commercial AC that was no match for my aged residential HVAC, though they used almost the same HVAC technology. I noticed that the store also had a digital thermostat that was at the cashier’s table, I guess she was responsible for regulating the temperatures within the store. I figured that they adhered to regular a/c service in order to maintain quality AC service. As the salesman was helping me pick out some shorts for my nephew, we spoke about how they saw a sign reading furnace filter for sale outside one indoor comfort business. They were linked to an air conditioning provider as well as a reputable cooling tech. He also recommended I use the same local contractor as opposed to a new contractor as their experience was satisfying.

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