Cooling down back at our retreat

Every year our boss hosts a company retreat, just for the top level sales guys plus administrators. The company has over 500 employees now, plus is still growing every single month, so she can’t afford to take most people. Instead, the top 30 or 40 employees in the company food chain are flown someplace far away for a few days of meetings, conferences, plus of course recreation… Last year every one of us made the decision to go to a ski lodge up in the Rocky Mountains, plus that was an experience I will constantly hold dear. This year every one of us made the decision to go south, WAY down south, to 1 of the islands off the coast, plus booked a resort. My suite was amazing, with maybe the most powerful Heating and A/C system I ever had the delight to sit in front of. When I first checked in I stood in front of the air vents, cranked it down to maximum cooling, plus didn’t move until I got so cold I was shivering. This is something I constantly do at any hotel I stay in, because if you can’t overuse the Heating and A/C system in a rented room, why even stay there? Anyway, the retreat itself was genuinely informative, plus I did a lot of fantastic laboring, however the air quality down there is oppressively humid. I spent a fantastic deal of our free time in our room, enjoying the wicked coldness of the undefined. I constantly went to the beach a lot, plus there was a fantastic tiki bar right on the water that ran a little undefined device behind the bar.

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