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I honestly hate going grocery shopping.  It’s a time-consuming, frustrating, and terrible process.  The nearest grocery store is a thirty minute drive from our house.  I then dedicate over an hour in the store and spend several hundred dollars.  I properly procrastinate for as long as possible. I hold off until our family is running out of essentials such as toilet paper, toothpaste, bread, and milk.  I finally gave in and got groceries last Wednesday. I made sure to get up and get going undoubtedly early in the day, to get the ordeal over with. The outside temperature was already in the low eighties so I dressed in shorts, tank top, and sandals.  I ran the a/c in the automobile to keep cool. When I stepped inside the grocery store, I immediately started to shiver. The air was honestly blasting at maximum capacity. There was no escaping the freezing air pouring from the many overhead Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C vents.  Plus the grocery store was playing country songs which I hate. I raced through the store as quickly as possible. I forgot numerous items from our list and bought quite a few things that I didn’t want or need. I simply wanted to get away from the frigid temperatures as soon as possible. By the time I finally left the store the outside temperature had climbed into the high eighties with brutal humidity.  While unloading the groceries from the cart and placing them in the trunk of the car I became drenched with sweat. I then climbed into our hot car and waited forever for the a/c to finally supply some cool air.

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