Corporate wellness program due to injury

I work in the warehouse for a major corporation.

I operate heavy machinery and lift giant boxes onto a truck all day long.

A couple years ago, a whole group of men got hurt on the job. They would strain their back lifting the boxes, fall on the workroom floor or tear muscles jumping on and off the truck. The warehouse was not dangerous, the men were just disgustingly out of shape. I think the business was tired of paying workers compensation for the fat guys who were out of shape. The business paired with a body wellness center and got a deal on fitness classes. As part of our job, we need to attend corporate wellness programs at least three times a week. The fitness class is free and a requirement. Most of the guys hate going and complain bitterly. The fitness class is to keep us in shape to minimize injury and save the company money. We also get quite a few incentives to keep working out at the gym. The three classes a week are free. Any other class we do is half off. I do the corporate wellness program five days a week. I am in the habit of after work heading to the gym and working out an hour. It is easy to do and I feel good afterwards. I have thought about doing a different class on the weekend. There are physical training classes or heavy cardio classes I could do. There are also couples fitness classes. I could bring my wife and it would be a weekend thing we do.

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