Couldn’t find our furnace

It was pretty darn cold the other week. And when it’s been absolutely cold I actually found a way to be able to use our central heating plan a lot less than normal. I bought a space furnace to keep me hot in our residing room. The only concern was a few weeks ago when it got cold, was I could not find the darn space heater! I could not remember where I put the space heater! I knew I had the space furnace stored in the closet right by the bathroom. But for some reason I did not put the space furnace back in there. I ended up searching all over the apartment for it. Because I absolutely did not want to have to turn on our central heating plus air conditioner plan as I was trying to save on energy use when I could. The price of using the electric this time of year actually went up. It was the electric supplier being greedy plus taking luck of the cold weather. But anyway, after searching a little further I had found that I put the space furnace in our living room! I don’t guess why I put it there. It may have been that I had it in our hand from before to put it in the closet, put it down in our living room plus just forgot. But I was so glad I found our space heater! Otherwise I would have had to run the central heating plus air conditioner plan with the heating on pretty high.


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