Couldn’t have done it without the HVAC contractor

Sitting here in this perfect air conditioning, I have to tip my cap to the HVAC contractor who made it all happen.

And in fact, this wonderful, quality heating and air almost didn’t happen.

Our home was recently finished and we have been all moved in and getting settled for months now. But we are still not all that far removed from what a struggle it was to get the house finished. My wife and I had heard all the horror stories about building a custom home. So we tried to be as prepared and committed to the project as we possibly could be. The architectural plan was based on our design so we knew exactly what we wanted. And we really did our best to vet the general contractor we hired. We definitely knew how important it would be for us to be on the same page with the general contractor. Once the build began, it’s not like we just hung out in the air conditioning waiting for updates. We were on site and involved. In hindsight, that was a real blessing. The structural part went really well. However, once we got to the subcontractors, our general contractor was cutting corners to make more money. This ended in a dispute. So we had to do much of the vetting when it came to the subs. But we hit the jackpot when it came to the HVAC contractor. He took over and caught errors made by the first HVAC guy. Our HVAC contractor really made it his mission to be professional, organized and on time with deliverables. And we have great HVAC comfort thanks to that.